Agder Energi AS

Agder Energi is Norway's third largest energy group in terms of turnover.

Holding 1 550 employees Agder Energi’s 2008-turnover amounted to NOK 7,2 billion or approximately USD 1,2 billion.

The group's main activities consist of hydroelectric power production, in which Agder Energi is the fourth largest domestic producer, and electricity sales. Agder Energi is also heavily involved in other forms of energy, including bioenergy, district heating and wind power. Agder Energi owns and operates an 18,000-kilometre electricity distribution network in Agder that carries power to all the region's electricity consumers. The group is also active in other areas of business that are closely linked with energy, including electrical contracting, energy conservation, engineering consultancy services, and finance and power management.


PB 603 Lundssiden
P: +(47) 38 60 70 00
F: +(47) 38 60 60 01

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