Solar Day 2015

As the solar market is growing again and the manufacturers profits are turning from red to black figures, the market is getting more diversified.

At INTPOW Solar Day 2015, 50 delegates discussed how the latest industry trends affects the Norwegian players, ranging from the manufacturers of nuggets, ingots and wafers, the research community, the consultants, the developers to the investors. High-level speakers from International Finance Corporation and Bloomberg New Energy Finance were joined by Norwegian investors, researchers, suppliers and developers such as IFE, Norfund, Multiconsult, Norwegian Crystals, Elkem Solar, Eltek and Scatec Solar on the speaker chair and in panels to discuss the opportunities in the solar industry.

With an excellent view of the industry by the solar specialist from Bloomberg New Energy Finance and an inspirational speech about the growing emerging markets by Dana Younger from IFC, we jumped into the Norwegian content and the combination of solar and storage with ICT in new business models from Eltek and NCE Smart Energy Markets. Good discussions about the emerging markets in Africa by Multiconsult and other discussions on trends that affect the Norwegian community and brings opportunity to the current players. It was interesting for the delegates to get more insight into how Norwegian Crystals is utilizing REC facilities and new manufacturing technologies to start new business in Glomfjord in Norway. It was equally interesting to hear both about the next stage of theh R&D success at IFE – now attracting interest from international manufacturers again – and the planned acquisition of REC Solar by Elkem Solar as well as the further plans of expanding bioth horizontally and vertically. We are looking forward  to see Elkem Solar amongst the ten biggest solar companies globally.

Lastly Terje Osmundsen from Scatec Solar took us through the rationale for investing in emerging solar markets and in particularly in SS Africa. He also highlighted the need for the government to take action on funding for solar and other renewable energy projects on a global scale – particularly in developing markets.

In conclusion, the discussion ended on a high note for the Norwegian solar industry and there is renewed belief in further value driving industry growth based on excellent research, new business models and strong competencies from materials science, technology developments, manufacturing, power system experience and ICT as well as funding and project development knowledge.

For photos from the event, click here.


Samira Rüdig-Sotomayor, Solar Analyst, Bloomberg, New Energy Finance
Inge Grubben-Strømnes, Direktør Elkem Solar og forretningsutvikling, Elkem Solar AS
- Presentation by Inge Grubben-Strømnes, Elkem Solar AS
Morten Schøyen, CMO, Eltek AS
Dana Younger, Chief Renewable Energy Specialist,, IFC - International Finance Corporation
- Presentation by Dana Younger, IFC
Erik Stensrud Marstein, Principal scientist/Centre Director, Institute For Energy Technology (IFE) - Kjeller
- Presentation by Erik Stensrud Marstein, IFE
Christian Nørgaard Madsen, CEO, Multiconsult ASA
Ryan Glenn Anderson, Power Economist and Financial Analyst, Multiconsult ASA
- Presentation by Ryan Anderson, Multiconsult
Bernt Arild Bremdal, Special Advisor R&D, NCE Smart Energy Markets
- Presentation by Bernt Arild Bremdal, NCE Smart Energy Markets
Petter Vilsted, Senior Sustainability Adviser, Norfund – the Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries
- Presentation by Petter Vilsted, Norfund
Thomas Nyheim, SVP Sales and Business Development, Norwegian Crystals As
- Presentation by Reidar Langmo, Norwegian Crystals
Terje Osmundsen, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Scatec Solar ASA
- Presentation by Terje Osmundsen, Scatec Solar AS


Tor Håkon Nøklebye, Project Engineer, Aker Solutions
Paul Bolofo, Engagement Manager, Bloomberg, New Energy Finance
Ingun Berget, CEO, Bright Products AS
José R. Martínez, SVP Lending, Eksportkreditt Norge AS
Ivar Slengesol, Director of Lending – Industry and Clean Technologies, Eksportkreditt Norge AS
Ute Borghardt-Fosså, Senior Adviser Underwriting Department, GIEK
Mauro Migliavacca, Senior Advisor, Innovation Norway Milano
Line Amlund Hagen, Managing Director, INTPOW
Rosemarie Frigstad Gee, Project Assistant, INTPOW
Pål Breiland, Investment Associate, Investinor AS
John Bjørnersen, Rådgivning og analyse, KLP Bankholding AS
Harald Rensvik, Special Adviser, Ministry of Climate and Environment - Klima- og miljødepartementet (KLD)
Kirsten Hammelbo, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs MFA - Utenriksdepartementet UD
Håvard Figenschou Raaen, Deputy Director, Ministry of trade, industry and fisheries (MTI) - Nærings- og fiskeridepartementet NFD
Wilfried Pimenta de Miranda, Corporate strategy | M&A, Multiconsult AS
Marissa Jackson Ræstad, , Multiconsult AS
Stanislas Merlet, Rådgiver Solenergi, Multiconsult ASA
Bjørn Thorud, Senior Advisor, Multiconsult ASA
Helene Moen, Sivilingeniør, Energidesign- og analyse, Norconsult AS
Atle Hauge, Investment Manager, Pactum AS / Bjørgvin AS
Krister Paulsen, Partner, Corporate Finance, Pareto Securities AS
Lars Ove Skorpen, Partner, Pareto Securities AS
Igor Sartori, PhD, Senior Researcher - SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, SINTEF Group
Åse Lekang Sørensen, Generalsekretær, Solenergiforeningen
R. Jane Cheng, Ambassador, Taipei Representative Office In Norway
Krift Tsai, Associate Director, Taipei Representative Office In Norway
Tore Eliassen, _, Tore Eliassen
Ida Dokk Smith, PhD, Universitetet i Oslo (UiO)
Anders Elverhøi, Dir.UiO Energi, Universitetet i Oslo (UiO)
Peter Molthe, Senior Advisor, Veiledningskontoret
Elin Elmehag, Energiingenjör, Energieffektivisering, ÅF Infrastruktur Göteborg

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